Hi! My name is Philipp Basler. 
I'm an intermedial designer currently 
living in the Black Forest, Germany.

I can help you reach people with the help of design & technology.
Depending on your needs, I either work on the concept and visuals or manage the execution and development of the whole project with a team of different freelancer.

That's what I've done until now:

Creative direction
Motion design
Mobile games
User experience design
Explainer videos
Social Media

Together with creative developer Dominik Schön I create mobile games at our small studio tiptap. Other than that, I'm currently finishing my bachelor degree in Intermedial Design at the University of Design in Pforzheim. If you're interested in my work feel free to contact me! I'm always interested in collaborating and in creating different kinds of projects with different kinds of people. 

I'm available for freelance work! mail@philippbasler.de